UAP Results Announced! Top 20 students

Dear Students,

We received a lot of entries for UAP. We are unable to check very late submissions. We will try to check and revert back.

The list of top 20 are as follows. Some of you might have gotten a call from us regarding admissions and discounts.

Please email your concerns if any.

Name Marks
Abdul Lone 40/70
Jasnea Sarma 39/70
Pooja C 38/70
Lal Fanai 37/70
Shipra Sinha 36/70
Tanishi Kalra 35/70
Dammalapati Sai Krishna 33/70
Ravi Bharadhi 31/70
Dr. Balla Hyandavi. 30/70
K R Aithal 28/70
Prakhar Tiwari 26/70
Vivek Kumar Singh 25/70
Aishani 24/70
Sujana Atluri 23/70
Lalit Yadav 22/70
Navin Sunjai.B 20/70
Sumit Roy 20/70
Utkarsh Singh 20/70
M.Koushik Murthy 20/70
VinayGopal V mawandia 20/70


By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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