Unbreakable Mains 2023 | Value Addition and Marks Improvement Resources | IR, Disaster Management, Employment PDF inside (Join Telegram group)

This is a part of Unbreakable Mains 2023- FREE Initiative for UPSC Mains 2023 Candidates (Telegram Link below) Click here for the PDF

We understand the challenges of collecting and organizing important data, facts, and figures from various government reports, commission reports, and surveys. We’ll be sharing theme-based PDFs, exclusively curated to save you time and streamline your preparation process.

The data and facts in these PDFs will be super useful for UPSC 2023 aspirants in GS Mains Answers, Optional, and Essays. This is also a must to study for UPSC 2024 Prelims aspirants.

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With little more than a month remaining for UPSC mains 2023, it’s time to shift gears and make every mark count! Unbreakable Mains 2023 by Civilsdaily IAS is an initiative designed to help you improve your marks, enhance the value of your answers, and secure every single point in the UPSC mains examination.

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Boost Your Marks and Enhance Value:

Our goal with “Unbreakable Mains PDF” is to assist you in:

  1. Maximizing the use of the limited time available,
  2. focused approach for improving your answer writing skills
  3. enhancing your marks and
  4. writing value-driven Mains answers.

To help you achieve this, we have meticulously compiled theme-based PDFs filled with organized and important data, facts, and figures sourced from various government reports, commission reports, and surveys. These comprehensive resources will empower you to strengthen your answers, impress the evaluators, and secure those crucial extra marks.

Please comment and let us know which topic PDF you need. We’ll share asap.

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10 months ago

Please upload a value addition factsheet on
International Relations in news


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