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Every year, only about 10,000 of the approximately 11 Lakh applicants who appear qualify for the UPSC Prelims. It’s only 1%. This provides no room for error, even silly mistakes, yet many of you continue to make the same mistakes. 

Guys, there is no doubt that the UPSC Prelims would be the most difficult level. Now merely completing the syllabus, Practicing PYQs, and Mock Tests are not enough to beat the unpredictability and uncertainty of the Prelims. 

It is the great filter that pulls out not-so-serious candidates while also weeding out many serious prospects. Our inability to meet Prelim needs frequently demoralizes us and causes us to lose hope. Remember that the appropriate strategy & overcoming your critical Prep gaps can increase your chances of success.

Zeeshan Hashmi sir will be LIVE on “Cracking UPSC Prelims 2024-25 with 120+ marks even in the most unpredictable question paper”. This is a must for UPSC CSE 2024-25 aspirants.

Zeeshan sir & Rankers conduct The Dominate Prelims 2024, a holistic program for UPSC Prelims Prep. The Prog offers time-bound syllabus (GS+CA) coverage, advanced conceptual clarity, AI-powered Replica-based Test Series, personalized mentorship, strategy sessions, and periodic performance evaluations, to help you overcome all your critical gaps.

Masterclass/Webinar Details:

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an expert in the UPSC field! Here are the details for Zeeshan Hashmi sir’s live webinar:

Date: 19th May (Friday) 2023

Time: 7:30 PM Onwards

Zoom Meeting Link will be sent to your registered email.

What to Expect in the Webinar:

In this enlightening webinar, Zeeshan Sir will share:

  • How to cover the syllabus in a time-bound holistic manner. First, let’s divide everything into its respective topics because UPSC does not provide any syllabus for prelims. So, how to do a UPSC-Prelims-centric study will be discussed.
  • How to maintain a proper balance between memorization & understanding.
  • How to predict prelims questions from previous years’ question papers?
  • How to impart logical MCQs solving skills and practical hacks to solve questions with limited knowledge.
  • How not to lose hope if more offbeat questions come into the paper? UPSC Prelims trends to more offbeat questions. How to identify offbeat questions! And how to use the offbeat approach will be disclosed by Zeeshan Sir.
  • What is ‘Intelligent Guessing’ (TIKDAM)? How to utilize it. Intelligent guessing means finding clues in the question or options themselves.
  • Targeting an accuracy rate of 90% and attempting maximum questions

Don’t ever miss such an important webinar.

CivilsDaily’s FREE Webinar package UPSC 2024

Post-webinar we will share important PDFs, timetable framework, and notes.

Other than this a strategy package will be emailed to you.

What The Hindu opined about Civilsdaily Mentorship

AIR 65, Pranav, IAS (Serving IAS officer, Gujrat)
Karishma Nair, AIR 14 was also Sajal sir’s student
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