UPSC IAS Prelims just around the corner and Coronavirus outbreak! Here’s how to ensure your preparation is back on track

Dear students,

As you know, all sorts of precautions are being taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

While the virus as such is not fatal(as compared to ebola and others), it spreads really fast and can affect anyone with low immunity and pre-existing conditions. Moreover, our healthcare system doesn’t have the capacity to deal with such large scale epidemics.

Hence, it’s imperative that we act with prudence to ensure we break the transmission chain before it becomes a systemic problem.

Having said this, it’s very important that you only refer to official sources like WHO, Ministry of Health, etc.

Do not spread videos/posts that have been produced by people claiming to be doctors/ healthcare professionals. As students preparing to get into the services, it is important that you identify fake news and stop its spreading.

Since all of Old Rajinder Nagar, libraries and other physical communications have been blocked, most students are panicking and experiencing anxiety. It is quite natural.

Here are some tips to boost your spirits up and get you back on track

1. Among other things please revise the definition and differences between outbreak/ epidemic/ pandemic. 😉 

2. Of course, a change in study environments at this crucial time leads to a break in a well-developed flow and schedule. Please understand this is not a disadvantage uniquely targetted at you. It impacts the majority.

3. Get a study regime up. Lock your room, put a headset on and block the noise.

4. Join our Nikaalo Prelims Program. The daily discussions ensure you read and learn something without putting much effort. The registration will be done here: Click & Register here

5. We have seen an increase in our online-lecture viewership. But most institutes have a very poor online infrastructure. If you belong to one such institute then please email us with your enrollment proof and we will aid your access to our programs.    

Lastly, check out an inspiring lecture from Vishal Singh who beat all odds to get through. Clearly you can face the challenge of quarantine.

By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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