[Video] Prelims Trend Analysis – Prime TS students please pay attention

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Re-sharing it for the benefit of all new students. It is an absolute must to get a better feel of the demand of the exam.

Detailed trend analysis of previous years UPSC Prelims GS Papers by Sajal sir

In this video, Sajal Sir focuses on the following

  1. Subject level trend analysis of last 6 years Prelims papers
  2. Strategy for 2019 prelims (which sources to refer)
  3. Scrutinizing the 2018 prelims paper (destroying the myth that clearing UPSC prelims is fully based on luck and regular sources have become useless)
  4. Highlighting themes from which UPSC is asking the most number of questions and areas which are being ignored to help you in prioritizing most important topics

Do share this video and post your doubts related to the preparation in the comments section.

Prime TS -> View the Schedule – Click2View. Accepting admissions – Click2Join

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