What is heritage erosion and how can we manage it?

Heritage erosion has been seen as the greatest problem that undermines the socio-environmental stability and sustainability of India. To what extent it is serious and what suggestions can be made for its management.

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What is meant by heritage erosion – Heritage erosion refers to the degradation defacing and crumbling of sculptures, architectural pieces, stealth and duplication of paintings and art forms, defacing of monuments and their replacement by land use changes, and erosion of genetic wealth, smuggling of bio wealth, loss of geomorphic features and any other form of degradation that lessens the respect for language, skills,  or psyches very unique to a niche place.

Extent & magnitude of the problem – Heritage erosion is visible in the form of breakage of columnar basalts in St Marys islands, pilferage of dinosaur eggs from Dahaud, Use of tors for granite mining etc.

How does it affect socio environmental stability & sustainability – What is meant by social instability and how is it determined?

  1. Loss of iconography resulting in loss of symbol of identity
  2. Loss of identity
  3. Apathy induced disenchantment from the symbols of history
  4. Reflects loss of values, loss of morality and reflects apathy.
  5. Pilferage of icon and vandalism will accompany gloom
  6. Increasing immunity and apathy towards aesthetic losses
  7. Environmental stability dependent on
  8. Existence of Natural and pristine Wealth in its pure state
  9. Increasing Interrelationship increasing interdependence between culture heritage economy & environment
  10. Environmental awareness
  11. Preservation of local wisdom
  12. Inability to change mindset


  1. Separation of heritage in Administrative form, Create a separate ministry.
  2. Curriculum modification – Identification and inclusion of heritage as an asset in school, Open departments of Heritage management on the lines of Ahmadabad University
  3. Introduction of a compulsory offline and online training for tourists willing to undertake ventures.
  4. Heritage promotion to include not only historical monuments and culture, but fossil parks topography parks, terrain, monsoon bursts and other theme pack
  5. Heritage depiction and promotion through immersive technology & augmented reality
  6. Change the promotion tags from tourism to heritage wherever applicable
  7. Restoring the historical sites in the form of festivals and inducing festivity link perceptions
  8. Re-Classify heritage and announce awards for people with exceptional heritage sense.
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