Why would I buy the magazine when all the news is on the app & web?


Here’s a valid concern/ legitimate query which we often receive on our mailboxes where the aspirants wonder – if all the news is available for FREE anyway, what’s the point behind buying the Civilsdigest magazine?

Why even spend 50 bucks for a pdf when I am reading news daily on the FREE app and bookmarking important news to take them offline and revise without any internet access.


Even if I do not have an android phone (since the Civilsdaily App is for android only), I can anyday go back on the NEWS tab on the website and read news filtered by calendar dates and that’s also super easy.

Yes, it is. And you are right. You do not have to buy the magazine if these two amazing products are able to help you save time everyday and keep up with daily news that is focussed and important for your IAS Prep.

So, buy the magazine only and only if

#1. You find it convenient to read from a consolidated pdf which gives you a book-like feel and allows you to highlight specific words and points for easy recall

#2. You value the time when you read things OFFLINE and do not want to be connected to internet and its interruptions while you are in DEEP STUDY mode

#3. You are not very regular with news (because there is tons of static material to be covered) and love the comfort of a consolidated magazine just in case you miss some important bookmarks

If you haven’t tried reading from our richly curated and nicely designed monthly magazines, we would invite you to try on one. FOR FREE.

Click here to download the Edition #0

It’s a 9 mb file and we would request you to be patient while you do so.

If you like reading the FREE version… 

We would request you to go to our Instamojo STORE and buy the rest of the editions for a princely sum of 50 bucks each!

Click here to go to the instamojo store

By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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