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Small kindness goes a long way in sustaining a venture!


We have around 2L strong student community which benefits from our daily updates but only about 3.6K of you have let us know how much you value our relationship šŸ™

If you are reading this on mobile, just click this green text to go to the playstore and leave a suitable comment + ratings to let us know that we have helped in your journey.

If you are reading this on your laptop/ desktop – we understand that it would be a bit of a trouble to locate your smart phone, but please do! Get on their and just click the last star at our Android Play page šŸ™‚

We have received an amazing support from you andĀ that has kept usĀ motivated to evolve new features in both Civilsdaily app & web. In the last few days, many of you open your heart on our playstore review section andĀ nothing has made us more happier!

Over the last day, since the launch of the hindi version (NEWS) on the app, we have receivedĀ Ā amazing love from you all! A big thank you on that!

By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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