Your chance to join us in *EXPLAINING THE NEWS*

Love reading explainers from us? Now make some of your own and we will feature them on our official handle!


We have seen some amazing level of participation across the forum, stories and blogs

So much so that we strongly feel that many among you would love to pitch in and help us create more rewarding explainers for the aspiring junta (we hope we are right on that count!)

Bbbbbbut… what are these explainers?

Explainers are medium to long form text written with the sole purpose to make a complex piece of news easier to digest! Take a concept (any concept) that you think you know better than most of your peers, pen it down in a (question-answer) format so that it gets everyone else up to speed faster than they could have ever imagined!

That’s what we all have striven for and that’s where the aha! factor lies. Cool? Here’s a quick guide to get started


What happens next?


I think we got way too emotional with the word *awesome* but you get the drift right? Explainer need not necessarily be on current affairs but could be a part of the mainstream theory which just got into limelight courtesy some major event.

Got it? Get on with your writing hats then!


By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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