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Civilsdaily Listicles & Titbits | High Yield Material for Quick Prelims Revision

When done with basic book reading and Prelims is near, many aspirants face the dilemma of how to revise entire syllabus and then remember important points from it.

We understood this problem and our team worked together to compile all important topics at one place through excel sheets and Dr V compiled all important static syllabus points through Titbits.

Read all Titbits here

  1. Polity Titbits: Fundamentals of Polity and Constitution Click2read
  2. Polity Titbits: Important articles/schedules of Constitution Click2read
  3. Polity Titbits: Functions/powers of legislature Click2read
  4. Polity Titbits: Functions/powers of executive Click2read
  5. Polity Titbits: Functions/powers of Judiciary Click2read
  6. Polity Titbits: Constitution- Special provisions Click2read
  7. Polity Titbits: Constitutional, Statutory and quasi judicial bodies Click2read
  8. Polity Titbits: Panchayati Raj- Local governance Click2read

The excel sheets prepared by us are available to view and download below (best viewed on desktop/ large screens):

  1. Declarations, conventions, protocols- Contains important IR pacts signed in the last few years- Click2view
  2. Important Books/ Texts in Indian History- Contains 80+ important books/ texts so that you are 110% prepared for the IAS Pre 2018 & beyond- Click2view
  3. Important Acts/bills- Bills/acts/amendments which have been in news from 2014-2017- Click2view
  4. Govt. Schemes and Policies- Click2view
  5. Satellites, Space Missions, Space Tech by India and the World- Click2view
  6. Important Historical sculptures- Click2view
  7. Important Temples/Monasteries/Stupa/caves- Click2view
  8. Tribes in India, their festivals, and culture- Click2view
  9. Key/important Terms related to Ancient/ Medieval History- contains nearly 180 terms from the most authentic history text books of our times- Click2view

Questions, suggestions and comments

  1. Neeraj Kumar


  2. Toreth

    SIR. somewhere in this website I saw some article on how DR. VIPIN GARG used to prepare notes on single sheet of paper. Currently i am unable to get that link, could you please provide the same.

    1. Toreth

      thank you sir , i got it

      1. Deepak Kumar Jena

        send the link to me

  3. ashish behera

    Supb work…….Such an effort of your team.God bless ur team. Plz Keep update


    Isn’t there economic material for quick revise?

  5. Manish Singh Abhyuday


  6. Rohinikumar Reddy

    Sir explore pdf files so that we can save n read anytime sir thanks

  7. Manjunath Jeerla

    Great and valuable job

  8. Vaibhav Kalaskar

    Value of this material is worth its weight in gold!
    Wholeheartedly thanking you Team CD.

  9. Parvathy

    This is commendable… Brilliant CD 🙂 Awe you a lot!!!

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