FREE Live Masterclass by AIR 49, Divyansh Singh (IAS): 12-month Phase wise blueprint for UPSC 2024 | Starting from Scratch | Get your personalized study plan and timetable (PDF) | Book Your Seat

Block Your Sunday (28th May) 2023 for 1-1 Live Masterclass by AIR-49, IAS, Divyansh Sir on a 12-month Phase wise blueprint for UPSC 2024 | We’ll share a personalized PDF study plan and timetable designed with Divyansh sir’s inputs. (click here for more details)

Aspirants, just 12 months are left for UPSC Prelims 2024. And if you haven’t started yet, even if it is going to be from scratch, today is the best time to start.

IAS, Divyansh Singh, CD’s mentorship student who secured AIR 49 in 2021, will share with you what his phase-wise prep blueprint and how he strategized his final 12 months before 2021 attempt. 

According to him starting your preparation before 12 months has several advantages, like giving you more time to revise, take practice tests, develop, polish your knowledge and responses, and move four steps ahead of the competition.

An ideal prep is divided into five phases and spread across 11-12 months. Divyansh sir, an IAS officer who secured AIR 49 in UPSC 2021, is conducting a special LIVE Masterclass (FREE) on the Only 12 months are left for 2024! Why should you start ASAP?

Masterclass Details:

Topic: Only 12 months are left for UPSC 2024! Why should you start ASAP?

Date: 28th May 2023 (Sunday)

Time: 7:30 pm Onwards

Zoom Meeting Link will be sent via your registered email address.

What you should expect in 1-1 LIVE with Divyansh sir?

The workshop will cover a 12-month Phase-wise blueprint for UPSC 2024.

1. First phase – Studying the Core Subjects. How to read every topic in the syllabus from 2-3 sources in the first reading and prepare a 1-2 page note? And in your second reading, stick to only one source while using your notes as reference.

2. Second phaseStudying Mains Specific Subjects & Optional. How to follow the ritual of reading, writing summaries, and answering topic-wise previous year questions?

3. Discuss 2-3 Revision Strategies which you can follow. Why should you not go more than 20 days without revision?

4. Live demonstration of making the perfect notes. How to not copy line-by-line of everything you read & only note down the 5 dimensions of a topic?

5. Why is the Third phase of preparation the shortest of all? What should you ideally do after completing the Prelims and Mains subjects?

6. Fourth phase. How to improve your accuracy 3 months before the Prelims exams?

7. The 5th and Last phase. What must be done 3 months before the Mains exams?

CivilsDaily’s FREE Masterclass package & Personalized Timetable

Post-webinar you will get important PDFs, timetable framework, and mentorship session.

Based on your UPSC prep situation (working aspirant, full-time aspirant), your learning style, previous attempts, and other such factors, we will be preparing and sharing a personalized PDF study plan for you.

We will be incorporating Divyansh’s (AIR 49, UPSC 2021) inputs in preparing the timetable for you.

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