14 Oct 2016 | Target Mains: GS Questions & DNA Framework

GS1 (Indian society)

Recently certain practices such as triple talaq are being discussed as derogatory to the dignity of women and against the provisions of the constitutions. What other practices are considered derogatory to women and how do they affect society in general?

Demand – Explain briefly about such practices and how they have been derogatory to women. Do they only affect women or also the whole society?


– How are they derogatory to the dignity of women? (4.5 Marks)

– How do they affect society? (4.5 marks)

– Way forward (1 mark)

GS2 (Polity and Governance)

The government in power has been focusing on the idea of cooperative federalism. Critically analyse in the view of the meetings of GST council, if GST will be good for cooperative federalism or not.

Demand – Discuss the idea of cooperative federalism and analyse if GST will promote this idea.


Discuss the idea of cooperative federalism (3 marks)

Brief about GST council and its meetings (2 marks)

Will GST promote cooperative federalism? Give pros and cons of GST (5 marks)

GS3 (Science and Technology)

In the recent auction of telecom spectrum the government has failed to generate attractive revenue. There was lack of participation from the telecom companies. What are the reasons for poor response? What effects will it have on services to the consumers? Examine.

Demand – Why has the government failed to attract the telecom companies to participate in the auction and how will the low revenues have an effect on the consumers.


Introduction about the spectrum auction. (2 Marks)

Reasons for low participation of telecom companies. (4 Marks)

Consequences of low revenue from the spectrum allocation on services to consumers (4 Marks)

GS4 (Ethics)

Can correct decisions be dishonest? Can incorrect decisions be honest? Discuss. How would you decide the correctness or incorrectness?

Demand – Discuss the relationship between correct decisions and honest decisions.


– What is a correct decision? (3 marks)

– What is an honest decision? (3 marks)

– Are they always the same? (3 marks)

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