15 Oct 2016 | Target Mains: GS Questions & DNA Framework

GS1 (Modern History)

The conditionality’s imposed by Lucknow Pact proved harmful to Hindu Muslim unity in coming years of India’s Freedom Struggle. Critically discuss.

Demand – Discuss features and background of Lucknow pact and the conditionality’s which were imposed by the Pact. Since the questions says critically discuss you have to write both the viewpoints i.e. How Lucknow pact strengthened Hindu-Muslim Unity in immediate years and how it proved to be harmful to Hindu-Muslim unity in long run.


-Key features background of Lucknow Pact and the conditionality’s imposed. (3 Marks)

-Positives and significance of Lucknow Pact. (3 Marks)

-How it was Harmful to Hindu-Muslim unity in long run. (3.5 Marks)

GS2 (International Relations)

BIMSTEC offers India a way out to move forward with our eastern neighbours. Comment in the light of Pakistan’s veto on SAARC agreements in recent years.

Demand – Discuss how SAARC has been paralysed by Pakistan in recent years. Discuss key objectives of the BIMSTEC and how BIMSTEC can help India in strengthening relations with our eastern neighbours. What should be done by India to Promote BIMSTEC?


-How has SARRC has been paralysed by Pakistan in recent years. (3 Marks)

-How can BIMSTEC help India in strengthening relations? (4 Marks)

-What should be done by India to Promote BIMSTEC? (3 marks)

GS3 (Disaster Management)

What do you understand by heat waves? What factors are responsible for the increasing heat waves phenomenon in recent times in India? What are the possible health hazards of the heat waves? What  needs to be done to reduce this phenomenon?

Demand – Discuss the phenomenon of heat waves. Why it has become more prominent in recent years? Its possible effect on health and what needs to be done to reduce both the phenomenon of heat waves and causalities associated with it.


Definition of heat waves. (2 Marks)

Factors responsible for increasing heat waves. (2.5 Marks)

Possible health hazards. (2.5 Marks)

Steps needed. (2 Marks)

GS4 (Quality of service)

What are citizen charters and how do they help to achieve citizen centric governance? Also discuss problems in implementation.

Demand – Discuss citizen charters and their implementation issues.


What are citizen charters? (3 mark)

How do they bring about citizen centric governance? (3 mark)

Problems in implementation. (3 mark)

Way forward. (1 mark)

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