18 July 2018 | Prelims Daily with Previous Year Questions and Answers

Q.1) Consider the following statements about World Customs Organization (WCO):

  1. It is an arm of WTO.
  2. Recently India assumed its global vice-chairmanship.

Which of the given statements is/are correct?

a)Only 1

b)Only 2

c)Both 1 and 2


Inspired by: [pib] World Customs Organization


Q.2) Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) is –

  1. A statutory autonomous body of Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India.
  2. It functions as the nodal body for the adoption of Indian children and is mandated to monitor and regulate in-country and inter-country adoptions.
  3. Inter-country adoptions are dealt as per Hague Adoption Convention.

Which of the given statements is/are correct?

a)1 and 2

b)2 and 3

c)1 and 3

d)All are correct

Inspired by: [pib] Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA)


Q.3) Which of the following statements are correct about FASTags?

  1. It is the GPS based toll payment system.
  2. Transition of vehicle is tracked according to its location and tolls are deducted from the prepaid account.

Select he correct codes:

a)Only 1

b)Only 2

c)Both 1 and 2

d)All are incorrect

Inspired by: Centre increases CVs’ load carrying capacity


Q.4) Mission Birubala is related to which of the following issue?

  1. a)Witchcraft Hunting
  2. b)Social-Boycott
  3. c)Maternal Mortality
  4. d)Domestic Violence

Inspired by: President clears Assam Bill against witch-hunt


Q.5) Consider the following statements about BCAS (Bureau of Civil Aviation Security):

  1. It is an attached office of the Ministry of Civil Aviation of India.
  2. It is headed by an officer of the secretary rank from the office of Director General of Civil Aviation.

Which of the given statement is/are incorrect?

a)Only 1

b)Only 2

c)Both 1 and 2

d)None of the above

Inspired by: Counter-drone strategy for airports ready


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