24th November 2018 | Daily Answer Writing Enhancement

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Question 1)

Why did Buddhism spread outside India but Jainism could not? (150 W/ 10 M)

Question 2)

India has achieved the political justice, but not the social and economic justice. Illustrate the steps required to be taken towards its fulfillment. (150 W/ 10 M)

Question 3)

Give an account of the growth and development of renewable energy in India. Is India doing enough on the Renewable energy front? (250 W/ 15 M)

Question 4)

Ethics: Political Manifestoes are considered to be the aspirations of people which the political bosses promise to fulfill after winning election. However, there is no accountability in case of false promise or failure to fulfill them. Analyze the moral issues involved in this case and suggest suitable measures to make our leaders accountable. (150 W/ 10 M)


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