26th November 2018 | Daily Answer Writing Enhancement

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Question 1)

“The Enlightenment thinkers differed widely amongst themselves, but all of them shared some major ideas that together make up the philosophy of Enlightenment.” Elucidate. (150 W)

Question 2)

“Far from enabling some sort of constitutional rule, governors have consistently been party to all sorts of unconstitutional and unethical moves to undermine democracy and federalism in India.” Examine the statement in the context of recent constitutional crisis in different Indian states. (200 W 12½ M)

Question 3)

What is cloud computing and what are the security risks associated with it? Do you think it is helpful in improving the quality of governance? Discuss with examples. (150 W)

Question 4)

The crisis of ethics in public life is more because of attitudinal problem of public servants rather than organisational ineffectiveness. Critically analyse. (150 W)

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