26th October 2020| Daily Answer Writing Enhancement

Important Announcement:  Topics to be covered on 27th October-

GS-1 The Freedom Struggle – its various stages and important contributors /contributions from different parts of the country.

GS-2 Corporate Governance.

Question 1)

As an issue, land degradation of land is much more complex than it appears. Explain in context of its relationship with climate change. 10 marks

Question 2)

Elaborate on the transformation in India’s role at the UN from an outlier to the high table. What are the challenges India may face as a non-permanent member of the UNSC? 10 marks

Question 3)

What are the reasons for the decline in the millet production in India? What are the steps taken by the government to encourage its production? 10 marks

Question 4)  

Is there a connection between a person’s moral life and their quality of life? Discuss with suitable examples. 10 marks

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