27th July 2020| Daily Answer Writing Enhancement

Important Announcement:  Topics to be covered on 3rd August-

GS-1 Effects of globalization on Indian society.

GS-4 Work culture, quality of service delivery.

Question 1) 

Discuss specific challenges that were witnessed especially during the integration of North-East India post-independence. 10 marks

Question 2)

Compare the functioning of the presidential system of government with a parliamentary government. Also, examine the issues Indian polity faces due to the parliamentary system of government. 10 marks


Question 3)

What is artificial intelligence? Why data is critical for AI? In the context of this, examine the utility of Gopalakrishnan Committee recommendations in this regard. 10 marks

Question 4)  

How do the virtues of trustworthiness and fortitude get manifested in public service? Deliberate. 10 marks



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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch