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Question 1)

Media is a parliament of citizens. Comment on the Pros and Cons of Media freedom in India. (200 W)

Question 2)

Do you think linguistic reorganisation of Indian states post-independence was a sound policy? What arguments were put forth to support or oppose this policy? (200 W)

Question 3)

The disaster in Meghalaya mines shows governance failure on many fronts including poor implementation of the order and delay in rescue operation. Critically analyze. (200 W)

Question 4)

What is integrity and why it is important for Civil Servants? (200 W)


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ANS4comment imagecomment image

Pritam Kumar

Hi GK,
-The first line of the introductory para is okay…however, the points followed after that is incomplete and does not exactly present the actual picture of integrity…
-The answer is different from the question asked…
-You need to have conceptual clarity regarding the topic…
-Need to have focus on the question and bring points which are more logical and rational…

Please refer our model answer for better clarity…

Satyam Akotiya
Satyam Akotiya

CDTEST22917comment image comment image comment image

Pritam Kumar

Hi Satyam,
-Please don’t write anything on the margin…not even enumeration…
-Please pay attention to the word limit…

-The ideas in answer seems to be good…
-The points of introduction could have been much better and more crisp…What you have written on first page should constitute the intro synchronized in one para…more articulation of language is required for introduction…

The ideas of pros and cons are good with very good concluding point…

Overall, good attempt…well approached…
Keep writing…

Marks awarded: 6/12.5