28th January 2019 | Prelims Daily with Previous Year Questions

Q.1) The Yuva Swabhiman Scheme which guarantees 100 days of employment every year to the EWS youths is an initiative of:

a) Gujarat

b) Manipur

c) Madhya Pradesh

d) Chhattisgarh

Inspired by: Yuva Swabhiman Yojana

Economic Indicators and Various Reports On It- GDP, FD, EODB, WIR etc

Q.2) Consider the following statements:

  1. The Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) Review Committee Report has recommended a debt to GDP ratio of 60% for the general (combined) government by 2023, comprising 40% for the Central Government and 20% for the State Government.
  2. The Central Government has domestic liabilities of 21% of GDP as compared to that of 49% of GDP of the State Government.
  3. As per the Constitution of India, it is mandatory for a State to take the Central Government’s consent for raising any loan if the former owes any outstanding liabilities to the letter.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct? (CSP 2018)

a) 1 only

b) 2 and 3 only

c) 1 and 3 only

d) 1, 2 and 3

Inspired by: Centre’s debt-to-GDP falls, States’ rises

Centre’s debt-to-GDP falls, States’ rises

Q.3) Consider the following statements with respect to the Jan Shikshan Sansthan (JSS) Scheme:

  1. It is an initiative under Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.
  2. It aims to improve the vocational skills and quality of life of industrial workers amongst various others.
  3. The JSS is aligned with National Skills Qualification Framework.

Which of the given statements is/are correct?

a) All are correct

b) 1 and 2

c) 2 only

d) 1 only

Inspired by: Skill Ministry strengthens Jan Shikshan Sansthans

Skill Ministry strengthens Jan Shikshan Sansthans

Q.4) The Red Fort Declaration for Strategic Partnership was partnered by India with:

a) Australia

b) Germany

c) South Africa

d) All of the above

Inspired by: Explained: Why India-South Africa relations are unique

Explained: Why India-South Africa relations are unique

Q.5) The DAMAN Initiative is related to:

a) Health

b) Shipping

c) Skill Training

d) Higher Education

Inspired by: The Hindu


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