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Question 1)

What are the factors which contributed to the rise of extremism or militant nationalism in India? Despite their heroic efforts, why did they failed to have significant impact on the Indian national movement? (250 W)

Question 2)

A dead SAARC must be revived to decide the fate of Afghanistan after US troop withdrawal. Analyze. (200 W)

Question 3)

Biofuels in India are of strategic importance as it augers well with the ongoing initiatives of the Government such as Make in India, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Skill Development. In the light of the above statement critically examine the key features of the National policy on biofuels 2018?

Question 4)

How Emotional Intelligence helps a civil servant to bounce back from setbacks? Suppose inspite of best of precautions you fail to provide necessary articles to flood victims, and your whole team is demoralized, how you will be able to overcome the situation? (150 W)

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