3rd December 2018 | Daily Answer Writing Enhancement

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Question 1)

What are seismic waves? How have they helped in understanding the structure of the earth? (250 W/ 15 M)

Question 2)

Judicial Primacy in appointment of judges is a part of basic structure, however both proposed NJAC and the current collegium system violates that? Comment. (150 W/ 10 M)

Question 3)

What is a Bad Bank, can it help create Good Banks in India? Critically analyse. (150 W/ 10 M)

Question 4)

Most youngsters in India seem to be motivated more by the perks and privileges associated with government jobs than the prospects of public service. What would you do to change the scenario? (150 W/ 10 M)

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  • 69 Replies to “3rd December 2018 | Daily Answer Writing Enhancement”

      1. Hi GopeAsem
        – Quite a decent answer.
        – the balance of the answer is near perfect.
        – Both sides of the arguments are discussed and presented in clear way.
        – Explanation is easy yet solid.
        – Way forward is quite good.
        – Overall quite a good attempt.

        Marks: 6.5/10

      1. Hi Satvik
        – Nothing wrong in the answer.
        – You have covered the discussion in depth and with lucid explanation.
        – The flow of the answer is smooth.
        – All the parts are covered in nice manner.
        – Good use of diagram.

        Marks: 7.5/15

      1. Hi Satvik
        – What is judicial primacy.
        – In the discussion of NJAC, what are those loopholes that will affect judicial primacy?
        – The discussion overall touches the upper layer only and doesnt go deep into the topic. specially the way forward.
        – Good language and structure

        Marks: 4/10

    1. CDTEST21116

      Question 1)

      Seismic waves: –
      seismic waves are energy waves which travel through earth because of earthquakes or many other explosions.

      These seismic waves are generated from earth interior through waves.(P waves, S waves)

      There are three types of seismic waves
      1) Primary waves (p waves)
      2)Secondary waves (s waves)
      3)Surface waves

      P waves:-
      These waves travel through solids, liquids and air . These waves transfer energy through compression. P waves transfer energy parallel to direction of wave.These are fastest of all three waves

      S waves:-
      These waves can only travel through solid. They cannot travel through liquid and air.S waves transfer energy perpendicular to the direction of wave.these waves have larger amplitude so are more destructive in nature.

      Surface waves:-
      These waves occur when source of earthquake is close to earth surface.Surface waves have very high amplitude and are most destructive of all.

      Sesimologists use the direction and difference in arrival time of s-wave and p-wave to determine direction of source of earthquake.

      Understanding structure of earth:–
      when two rocks or plates rub each other they do not move smoothly they catch each other and push each other and rock break after huge pressure and causes earthquakes. The spot where rock break underground and energy is released is called focus of earthquake.The pace above the focus is called epicenter of earthquake. All earthquakes take place in lithosphere.

      P- waves and s-waves are generated at the focus where energy is released.when these waves travel through surface they contact with surface rocks and generate new set of waves called surface waves.The velocity of waves changes as they travel through materials with different densities (high density,less volume).

      Thus seismic waves helped in understanding the structure of earth by measuring speed,velocity and density of waves.

      1. Hi Sagar D
        – The first part of the answer is discussed in better manner.
        – Second part needs more detailing and depth.
        – Language is good and easy.
        – Structure is decent.

        Marks: 6/15

      1. Hi Shefali
        – Very good attempt.
        – Nothing to find fault in the answer.
        – Right from the intro till the end, the flow of the answer is quite decent.
        – Keep it up

        Marks: 6.5/10

      1. Brother ,correct me if I m wrong ,,, I think, current collegium is opaque , only judges decide whom to promote , n second time recommendations are binding on president . In this way it can lead to nepotism , favoritism, within judiciary itself, also they are not in ambit of RTI .in this way this collegium system ultimately harm judiciary supremacy itself in long run .

      2. Collegium system turned out to be a case of “Judicial Exclusivity” rather than Judicial Primacy. It was not transparent, lacked accountability and came out as judicial aristocracy where the Chief Justice of India and the collegium became the initiator and appointer of judges, and the President of India was made only a formal approver in the process.

      1. Hi Puru
        – There are certain issues with the answer.
        – First of all, give reasons why youth think of govt services in such a high esteem. Your reasons are good but their language needs improvement.
        – Secondly, in the second part of the answer, discussion seemed more in the discussion of job creation and civil services reform and missed the direction of the question.
        – Lastly the question asked what will you do to change this scenario. hence give your way forward.
        – Points like focus on highlighting the the good work done by various officers, officers who have let go of their perks should be highlighted, private sector importance should be highlighted, Public – Private sector linkages can be augmented in order to establish equivalence, Regular cooling off periods where civil servants are required to work outside the government so they are more appreciative of what needs to be done etc.

        Marks: 4/10

      1. Hi Isha
        – Good intro.
        – You dont have to discuss the criticism of collegium system overall.
        – Just mention how collegium system affects judicial primacy and then move onto NJAC discussion.
        – Dont take the names of the judges. In fact avoid taking names in political answers.
        – Again like collegium, in NJAC discussion stick to the point of judicial primacy. Dont go after points like transfer of judges and justice karnan etc.
        – Good conclusion in the answer.
        – Read the model answer for better understanding.

        Marks: 3.5/10

      1. Hi Puru
        – Presentation needs work. Give some space after a paragraph and after change of points
        – What is judicial primacy?
        – Attempt lacks appeal. Points need to be purposeful. They are too general right now.
        – Mention clearly how NJAC and Collegium afrfects judicial primacy. The sole focus of the discussion should be this.

        Marks: 4/10

      1. Hi Puru
        – The intro is bit big.
        -Divide it into two parts. One before discussion on ARC and another for the discussion on ARC.
        – While the first part and the last part of the answer is quite decent, but you missed to discuss the middle part which should have dealt with the issues and concerns against bad banks.
        – Good way forward.

        Marks: 5.5/10

      1. Hi GK
        – Good use of diagram.
        – Better explanation than the previous answer.
        – Presentation needs work
        – Good attempt overall

        Marks: 7/15

      1. Hi GK
        – What is judicial primacy?
        – You dont have to mention overall shortcomings of collegium system. Instead you have to mention how collegium and NJAC systems are antithesis to judicial primacy. hence points like pending vacancies need not be mentioned in this context.
        – What are the steps to make judicial primacy stronger?

        Marks: 4/10

      1. Hi GK
        – Quite a decent answer.
        – All the parts are covered nicely.
        – Balance of the answer is good.
        – Language needs work as it is too general sometimes.
        – Overall decent attempt.

        Marks: 6/10

      1. Hi GK
        – You attempted the first part of the answer in good manner.
        – But answer ended abruptly before mentioning the steps that needs to be taken.
        – What would you do to change the scenario?

        Marks: 3.5/10

      1. Hi GopeAsem
        – What are the reasons for this tendency among youths?
        – What is the role of recruitment cycle in this tendency?
        – Rest of the discussion is fine.

        Marks: 5.5/10

      1. Hi GopeAsem
        – What is the concept of Judicial Primacy?
        – Dont name shame the judges. You can just mention that recent controversy regarding a sitting judge of Madras High Court has put bad light on the appointments made through collegium system.
        – The rest of the discussion and explanation is good.

        Marks: 5.5/10

      1. Hi Dhritiman
        – Presentation needs work
        – Points and writing are not clear
        – Answer starts abruptly.
        – What are the reasons for youth to think so?
        – Overall haphazard attempt with respect to clarity and discussion.

        Marks: 3/10

      1. Hi Akshat
        – What are those properties? (1st line in the 2nd paragraph). It is quite important point and without discussing those characteristics, the further discussion will seem incomplete.
        – Later part is covered in better way

        Marks: 6/15

      1. Hi Akshat
        – Points are placed in haphazard manner.
        – What is the issue with NJAC and Collegium in terms of judicial primacy?
        – Discuss it in details rather than showing the composition of both institutions.
        – Way forward is decent

        Marks: 4/10

      1. Hi Akshat
        – Dont mention NPA as new ordinary. It seems that it is getting acceptance in the system.
        – Balance is mising in the answer.
        – What are the side effects of Bad Bank?
        – What should be the long term measure to deal with NPAs.
        – These are the points that you missed.
        – Points n the favour of bad bank are good.

        Marks: 4.5/10

      1. Hi Akshat
        – The answer starts very late and the first page has been taken up by the intro only.
        – What are the reasons for youth to think like that?
        – With the points like honesty, Bhagat singh, it seems that you are getting the direction of the answer confused.
        – Points are quite general in nature in way forward

        MARKS: 4.5/10

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