4 Oct 2016 | Target Mains: GS Questions & DNA Framework

GS1 (Indian Geography)

The IMD recently got its forecast for this year wrong. India will now get 3% less rain than normal. What are the phenomena that result in variations in Indian monsoon.

Demand – Discuss all phenomena which can bring variations in monsoon such as La Nina etc.


– Discuss Indian monsoon (4 marks)

– Reasons for variation, e.g. La Nina, El Nino etc (4 marks)

– Why was the rainfall low this year? (2 marks)

GS2 (Government policies)

The government claims to have gotten almost USD 10 billion in the recent Income Declaration Scheme. What is this scheme? Is this a short term measure only?

Demand – Give the features of the scheme.


– Need for such a scheme? (4 marks)

– Features of scheme. (4 marks)

– Is this a short term measure only? (2 marks)

GS3 (Disaster and disaster management)

Pakistan has threatened first use of its nuclear weapons in the case of war with India. Throughout the 20th century the US and USSR did everything possible to avoid using nuclear weapons. What damage would nuclear weapons result in? How would we contain such damage?

Demand – Damage from nuclear weapons such as the primary explosion, radiation etc to be discussed.


– Explain working of nuclear bomb, why is it so destructive (3 marks)

– Damages caused by it – heat, shockwave, radiation etc (3 marks)

– Measures to contain damage (4 marks)

GS4 (Ethics in public administration)

“Living up to the public trust is much more than just an act of compliance”. Explain with suitable examples.

Demand – Public officials should walk the talk.

Approach –

– What kind of trust does the public impose on public officials? (5 marks)

– How can public officials honor that trust? (5 marks)

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