[IMP] Feedback on Target Mains Initiative

[Update] Starting today, we have launched a Daily Debate Module – CD Pe Charcha

Hi, after more than a month of 4 GS questions everyday, and with a great response from people we would like some feedback. Here are some questions for you, please leave the feedback in the comments.

1. Is the DNA (the Demand and Approach, e.g. DNA) useful? We believe its purpose is to help people new to answer writing get started, and experienced answer writers should not feel the need for it. Its disadvantage is that people use the format and don’t develop question interpretation skills themselves. Some forum members also complain that its use results in similar answer. So here are the questions –

a) Should we keep the DNA?

b) If yes should we publish it later in the day so that people can develop interpretation skills themselves?

c) Or would people new to answer writing prefer things the way it is?

2. What is your view about the level of difficulty of the questions? Would you like more difficult questions or the present questions are good?

3. Students who are not attempting the questions, what’s the main reason? Paucity of time/ Lack of basic knowledge? How are you making the best use of this initiative then?

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