Ask a Question, Answer a Question – Round 3

We have had two rounds of AQAQ before. We are thrilled to see you guys coming up with mnemonics and answering questions in a balanced ways.

  1. AQAQ Round 1
  2. AQAQ Round 2

This time we are making it even more interesting. Over this last one year – most of you would have joined one or the other test series. Be it insights, visionias, vajiram and yes of course our own CD Mocks!

Do one of the following:

1) Share a question which you find most rewarding/ tricky or simply important and why!

2) On someone else’s shared question – suggest one more trivia or explanation which adds to that question 

We are sure you would have been maintaining stock of important questions and this exercise would only help you revisit the important ones and get more information from the audience on them.

What say?

By the way – The Mock#10 is running on the portal. Those of you who have attempted it can discuss the attempts here.

The Full Length Mocks will start on the 11th of July. Do join us in helping you prepare for the last mile. A lot of you have already signed up. Your FREE Civilsdigest copy is available on the “Document” section of the portal.

Here’s the link to join the FULL LENGTH Mocks.

PS: Those reading this blog on the app, you won’t be able to comment from there so please open this blog’s link from a mobile/ laptop browser.

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