Attempt the CD’s Full Length Test Series – Don’t worry about the price

As of now, out of the 1,000+ registered aspirants, 761 have attempted the Full Length Tests offered by Civilsdaily at prelims.civilsdaily.full.length.tests


Full Length – Prelims 2016 from Civilsdaily

With almost a 100% certainty, we can assure that students who consistently improved their scores and hovered around 95+ marks in these FLTs should sail through the Prelims easily.

We make this observations basis the paper setting and the trends on score improvement shown by our test takers. Within a span of 4 tests, we have seen students going up from mid 70s to 110+ and that is incredible.

The Final FLT (Test #4) has a mix bag of questions, closest to 2015’s UPSC Prelims so if you get to score 110+ in that, consider yourself blessed 🙂

With that confidence, we want to offer everyone (including the original subscribers) a sweet surprise

  1. Join in the Full Length Mocks by paying up the module fee of Rs. 499. For the registered users, this step is done 🙂
  2. If you average out 95+ in the 4 tests – trust us, you are going to sail through the PRE. Keep going through the explanations and Dr. V’s tikdams
  3. In a rarest of rare case that it does not happen, we will take care of your trust shown in us by adjusting the Rs. 499 in our grand FLTs package for IAS 2017 and make sure you get the best of the prep, all year round
  4. All those who do get to clear the prelims, do write back to us and we will send you one of these 7 memoirs of ex-civil servants or an equally motivating novel as a gift of our appreciation towards your sincere, hard work 🙂

Why are we doing this?

  1. We saw a lot of junta joining us for the Open Mocks but not continuing for the FLTs
  2. This is understandable that if you have subscribed to some other TS, you might not want to spend more
  3. But we received a lot of emails/ comments from students joining other well known TS/ writing Open tests and still not feeling confident with the outcomes
  4. Hence, this offer – If you are a sincere test taker and you can average out 95+ in our FLTs – you be assured of your success
  5. We would want 100% of you to benefit from the efforts put from our side. We took care of the paper setting – you take care of the attempts now
  6. Your relative ranks are gonna be out in the open. See how you perform and elevate your test scores vis-a-vis the other guys who have already taken the tests

Keep 4 days aside and give these 4 tests. You will love us for pushing this over to you 🙂

Full Length – Prelims 2016 from Civilsdaily

And of course, there will be an amazing book waiting for you at the end of your victory lap.

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