Big disappointment from CD FLTs 2016

Hi Team,

I am a frequent visitor and an avid follower of CD. I have seen the site grow and always satisfied by the content. Truly respect the efforts put in and the analytical perspectives provided. I joined the FLTs in great hope but I am disappointed and dissatisfied by this endeavour of CD. I have attempted quite a few Mock papers already but I felt the level of questions was below par. What was more appaling was the silly mistakes in framing the question. Aspirants expect zero-hassle question set. I was very annoyed by the solution set as many conceptual questions were not properly discussed in detail(Insights and IASbaba explain really well, I hold CD in higher regard). I pray CD test series does n’t end in a fiasco.

With all the coaxing and propaganda to appear for mocks by CD, I was not happy by the efforts put in by the Team. Please do not disappoint the aspirants. They look at torch-bearers in high esteem.


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