Samachar Manthan Yearly 2023 (Till Prelims)

Till Prelims 2023 – Video lectures & notes; Mains answer writing; Habitat club; Google meet sessions; Magazine

15 students

Till IAS Prelims 2023

Note- There are two variants of Samachar Manthan – Till Prelims and Till Mains

Current affairs are an integral part of every phase of the UPSC-CSE exam. Understanding the significance of current affairs is just one part of the UPSC riddle. For solving the whole riddle, we keep presenting Samachar Manthan Till Prelims Yearly Classes for 2023 aspirants.

Why are current affairs so important?

Up to 2020, UPSC used to ask more questions directly about current affairs.

But in 2021, trends are seen as more dynamic. The number of direct questions from current affairs was less but the current theme-based questions came in more number. Almost 40% of MCQs in Prelims were mixed with current affairs. And in the mains, approximately 50% of questions were connected with current affairs.

An irresistible reason to join ‘Samachar Manthat’ is that it’s more important to understand the analysis of news rather than to only recognize the facts for the upcoming UPSC-CSE 2023.

What is Samachar Manthan?

Samachar Manthan is our flagship program designed to help you develop a solid command of your newspaper reading and current affairs analyzing skills. We are also going to focus on imparting skills required to utilize current affairs. Since it builds your core, it is important for both Prelims and Mains & Interview also.

Do you know how our SM helped 2021 aspirants?

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Program inclusion

  1. Weekly 5+ hours live video and offline lectures
  2. High-quality Notes and reference material
  3. Membership to Samachar Manthan Habitat club – doubts,  discussion, and mentorship session.
  4. Weekly Current Affairs based Mains Test (10 Questions) and Evaluation
  5. Current Affairs Monthly Prelims Test package
  6. Marathon Revision sessions on Habitat before Prelims and Mains
  7. Frequent Google meets Sessions to check on Student’s Preparation status
  8. Micro notes to help you make your notes.

Duration of the program:

This program will continue till UPSC Prelims 2023

What Differentiates Our Samachar Manthan Course?

Civilsdaily’s Samachar Manthan is evidently one brand that sets us apart from any other institute in this Domain.

Our Samachar Manthan Program helps you in 11 key components of your UPSC current affairs preparation:

5 stage structure of Lecture-Notes-Testing-Review-Mentoring

Our unique five-stage methodology helps ensure maximum retention and rock-solid preparation. Each component has been meticulously crafted which is repeated every week to create a virtuous cycle.

Diversified and Comprehensive coverage

We let news develop over a week, and a team under Sajal Sir daily covers it from various sources which include newspapers (The Hindu, The Indian Express, LiveMint, etc.), magazines (Yojana, Kurukshetra, EPW, Down to Earth), important websites (PIB, PRS, govt ministries, IDSA, etc.).

UPSC is a generalist exam. It’s important to cover more issues than to cover a few, in more depth. Samachar Manthan ensures a fine balance of comprehensive news coverage and detailed discussion on the most important topics.

Videos and Notes

Carefully selected relevant news is analyzed and delivered in a weekly lecture spanning over 5+ hours. You will be getting high-quality, well-designed notes. They are detailed with proper categorization of news into the Mains and Prelims category.

Our focus is on conceptual clarity, simplicity, relevance, and making interlinkages between current affairs and the basic/static part of the syllabus.

Samachar Manthan will also help you understand how to utilize current affairs in all your Prelims and Mains papers. A part of which is done by tests.

You will be getting high-quality, well-designed notes. They are detailed with proper categorization of news into the Mains and Prelims category.

Our focus is on conceptual clarity, simplicity, relevance, and making interlinkages between current affairs and basic/static part of the syllabus.

Samachar Manthan Weekly Notes (Click to download)

Samachar Manthan Micro-notes (click to download)

Weekly Mains mini Test and Evaluation in an audio-visual way

Because learning is not enough, you must apply. Every week a 10-question UPSC level current affairs test follows with video and notes. The focus here is on Mains’s answer writing skills and practice.

It’s a skill that is learned, honed, and perfected gradually. And this is why it should be done regularly. Our team of subject experts evaluates your answers and provides you with feedback. Answer enhancement is one of the objectives of this exercise.

Evaluated answer sheet – 1 (Click to download)

Evaluated answer sheet – 2 (Click to download)

Current Affairs Monthly Prelims Test package

This was feedback that we had received from our students. Now every month we provide a Current Affairs prelims test package.

All this completes a study loop and enhances your retention.

Civilsdaily Handholding and mentoring

Our team led by Sajal sir is there to provide handholding support all through your UPSC expedition. Increased interaction with the faculty and teachers from Civilsdaily will help you align your preparation and make it more appropriate. You can reach out to Sajal sir and other teachers on Habitat.

Google meet sessions

Another important component we have added this year is Google meet sessions. These sessions will be conducted on a regular basis with the aspirants. After almost every class, we will meet our students on the premium live webinar.

Samachar Manthan 2023 -Habitat club

Habitat is where everything comes together learning, doubt clearing, notes, references, mentors, and a focussed community. You’re going to learn and discuss like never before.

How will your queries be resolved?

  • The moment you have a query, you post it in the group. At 11 PM, 3 AM, doesn’t matter. No need to schedule a call, or drop an email. Just drop a chat. Once our team is up, it will be resolved.
  • More often than not, your peers will take part in your doubt discussions adding a lot of value.

Marathon revision sessions before Prelims and Mains

To consolidate your coverage and revision we take revision sessions on Habitat.

The Highly experienced faculty leading this program

Sajal Singh Sudhanshu Mishra
Sajal sir is known to make Economics and IR as easy as a cakewalk. He scored one of the highest marks in GS in the 2017 UPSC exam. Under his guidance, more than 80 percent of students qualified for the UPSC interview 2020 Smash mains Program. Sudhanshu sir has firsthand experience of 3 mains and two interviews of UPSC. He has served in the defense ministry for 10 years with a keen interest in regional and global geopolitics and has ample experience in various other competitive exams as well.


Sukanya Rana Poornima
Our Civilsdaily Mains Program Head Mrs. Sukanya Rana earlier worked as a PO in Canara Bank. She has an experience of 4 mains and 2 interviews of UPSC. In 2019, she had scored 140 in ethics paper 4. She is part of Smash Mains as an Ethics Mentor. Graduate from Miranda house in Geography and did MA from JNU in Geography. She is also a qualified Net JRF in Geography. So, she will comprehensively cover all the current affairs issues regarding Geography.

Other Senior Bureaucrats and toppers will also be joining for various lectures and guest sessions

Shri V.P. Singh Sir, IRPS

Virendra Pratap Singh did his B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur in 2003. He joined the services with immense experience in the Private Sector working across domains in high-profile companies like Tata Steel, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, and Tata Motors. He has consistently scored very high marks in interviews. His 2009 score of 213/300 was among the toppers.

Himanshu Arora

Himanshu sir has a wide experience in the field of both academics and policy-making. He has earlier taught Economics at both undergraduate and Post-Graduate levels at Delhi University. Currently, he is working at the Prime Minister’s economic advisory council. He also writes columns regularly in prestigious newspapers like The Hindu, Indian Express, and Millenium post.

SD Singh

Dr. S D Singh sir, Retd IFoS, 1988 Batch, Uttarakhand Cadre.

He is currently employed with MoEF as a senior consultant. He has 33 years of experience in forestry, environment, wildlife, and biodiversity conservation.

This is what our students have to say about Samachar Manthan and Sajal Sir & other faculties.

Feedback from our students.



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Karthik Under16
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