22 Sept 2016 | Target Mains: GS Questions & DNA Framework

GS I (Urbanisation)(Analytical)(Simplex)

22 Sept 2016 | GS 1 | The objective of Smart City Mission is to promote cities that provide core infrastructure and give a decent quality of life to its citizens, a clean and sustainable environment and application of ‘Smart’ Solutions. Discuss. What are the challenges to Smart City mission?


Positives and negatives of mission, challenges and solution to it.

– Objective, deliverables and implementation of Smart City Mission. Impact on the growth, development etc.  Changes in the lives, amenities, environment etc.(7 marks)

– Challenges and solution (3 marks)

GS II (Structure, organization and functioning of the Executive and the Judiciary)

22 Sept 2016 | GS 2 | The decline in political discourse is evident in the language and imagery used by politicians to belittle their rivals. Judiciary has failed to rein in such people. Discuss.


Use of language by politicians and failure of Judiciary. Deal with the simple.


– Analyze the decline, reasons with the help of current examples. Explain the impact on society and politics. (4 marks)

– Judiciary role and steps taken to curtail by Judiciary. (3 marks)

– Way ahead, steps to be taken to correct image and decline (3 marks)

GS III ( Economics) (Hattrick)

22 Sept 2016 | GS 3 | What is the idea behind adopting Islamic Banking in India? Do you think that Islamic Banking will Strengthen Democracy in India. Critically examine.


With the an estimated 180 million Muslims living in India ‘Islamic Banking’ or ‘Interest Free Banking’ can prove to be very effective.  Discuss such various factors and help in strengthening of democracy .


– Need for adopting-India is a country with a 15 per cent Muslim population, highest in a non-Islamic country and second highest in the world offers huge opportunities to exploit. So it has to be channelized Fall of the titans like Lehman Brothers because it reflects the economic downturn in the west and the need of alternative sources of FDI for the Indian economy.  Discuss such points (4 marks)

– Indian banking sector has opened up considerably in the past decade or so and openness to interest-free banks is a logical next step. Certain faiths prohibit the use of financial instruments that pay interest.  Discuss these factors in relation to strengthening of democracy.(3 marks)

– Way ahead, challenges and solution (3 marks)

GS IV (Attitude) (Simplex) (Analytical)

22 Sept 2016 | GS 4 | Every time we force our choices on another individual, every time we make ourselves believe that our point of view is superior to that of another; we are feeding this demon that lies in the darkest corners of our heart, nutrition which might, one fated day, enable it to find expression through our actions. Comment.


Open question. Demand is to get away from this attitude and behaviour.


– Take examples of day to day lives and impact of this demon on the society, individual, surroundings, etc.

– Corrective steps on these, listening to opinion of others (Dalai lama quote) etc.

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