Does your Test Series cover all standard sources and beyond ?

Every year, we update our TS syllabus sources to carefully add/remove study material according to the demands of the exam and changing pattern.

There are 3 sources that are used for our Test Series.

  1. NCERTs – HAVE TO BE DONE at all costs. Not to be left on any account as they provide a basic understanding. There are instances where UPSC examiners have framed questions that can be easily solved by NCERT sources. It is an absolute must.
  2. Standard Books – Books like Laxmikanth for Polity and Spectrum for Modern India have become indispensable for their short, concise and easily revisable content. We cover all of these for each major module to give you a thorough coverage.
  3. CD Sources – Many sources for important topics for prelims as well as mains are not according to the demands of the exam. We have created modules in easy to revise format for various topics – Ancient Art and Culture, Indian Geography, Economy, Compendium on Conventions and Organisations for Environment, Government Schemes compilation and of course Tidbits on Polity (for those obscure topics in Laxmikanth).

For those who are done with the basics, we have a list of additional sources to further mature your understanding.

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