Got a Diwali hangover? Here’s what to do today

Diwali is over and all of you must be feeling guilty about taking the day off. And you must also be wondering why can’t every day be a holiday like yesterday! Well, if you are stuck in the never land between wishing for more holidays and also wanting to get back to your studies here’s what you should do –

1. Write an essay – go here. The topic was in fact chosen keeping Diwali in mind!

2. Over time we have added a lot of content on the Civilsdaily site – We recently took the time to categorise it. It is now properly classified under the headings of GS1, GS2 and GS3. You can also access these through the sidebar on the left. Go through these to make notes for those topics which you haven’t studied. There are around 400+ writeups categorised there.

Leave suggestions for more articles in the comments below. Suggest topics + relevance as you put in your comments.

3. You can still attempt Saturday’s mains questions (in case you started your Diwali early!).

4. New Target mains and Prelims Daily will resume from Wednesday, however Saturday’s questions will be checked.

5. We hope you downloaded the first FREE Target Mains compilation (September 2016) – Click here to get the FREE Instamojo link if you did not If you have gone through the pdf, tell us how you feel about it? Could you click on individual dates and go to the website links to read the best answers of the day? Did everything work fine?

6. And finally – if you haven’t already – please do take 2 minutes to rate the Civilsdaily App on your android phones – Click here to give us a hi 5!

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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch