How to improve performance in Test Series?

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Around 80% of students scored below 100 in our basic polity test in their first attempt. This test was a part of our Prime Test Series.

Now, this test is not a very advanced level exam. It tries to examine basic facts given in Laxmikanth. Yet many students forget them. It happens to most of us, who cannot remember all those details in first and second reading.

This is where tests help us.

They provide a reality check and force you to go back to books. Now you identify which portions are crucial and thus important for Prelims. Next time you sit for a polity test – you’ll be better prepared, more vigilant about figures and facts and have the knowledge of Tikdams with you.

Incidentally, you’ll get around 600 of these over the course of 32 tests.

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By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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