Interview Transcript – Suraj Patel

Board- Sujata Mehta mam
Background –


– Tell about urself
– What r u doing right now
– Why army was used in Elphinstone bridge reconstruction
– Why not private sector
– We could have doubled the price to private and work would have finished in half time

– Why we stick with L1 quotes only
– How to resolve it
– Why no one trust anyone in India ?


– Judicial intervention
– How to infuse credibility in judiciary
– Why judiciary don’t want any interference


– U know Mike Tyson ?
– How to infuse transparency in judiciary ?
– How technology can be used ?
– Is it right to have cctv recording of court proceedings
– What is family court .
– Why they have rule of video recording
– Should we remove institution of DM as no developed country have it
– What America have inherited from British .
– What kind of laws are there in USA


– What is autonomous robotics
– Should India have them ?
– There impacts ?
– Is I right to name any institution on basis of some individual ?
– What are the parameter to decide that ?
– What are the stakeholders in your college ?
– Alumni ?
– Why alumni connect is low ?
– Any example in India where alumni have contributed much ?


– Why u left IRS for IPS
– Why now IAS
– Why going back from revenue to revenue
– What is think India ?
– What were it’s benefits


What else you have in mind which should have been discussed ?


By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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