IAS Mains 2015 & Beyond – Mini Quiz #2

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For this week, for answer writing practice for IAS Mains 2015, we are bringing in these choicest questions from the topics that have been in news in 2015.

#1. Discuss the concept of judicial independence in the light of the recent judgements of the SC with regard to NJAC.

A lot has been said and debated in this topic in 2014/15. In this question, to fetch most marks – make sure you summarise and mention recent judgements and arguments put forth by either sides of the debate.


  • https://www.civilsdaily.com/key-points-on-njac-that-you-need-to-remember/
  • https://www.civilsdaily.com/njac-a-triumphant-verdict/

#2. Bring out the potential of- and the bottlenecks to the ‘Start Up India, Stand Up India’ initiative.

A classic question which looks at summarising our growing economic and political initiatives which can embolden India’s Startup initiatives. Answer in quick key points to cover this holistically.

Ref: https://www.civilsdaily.com/story/digital-india-initiatives-whats-buzzing/

#3. MDGs shall soon give way to the SDGs. Evaluate the performance of India on various parameters of the MDGs.

#4. Discuss the recent political developments in Nepal. Should they be of any concern to India?

#5. Present a case for the India’s membership to the UN Security Council.

Imagine that you are making a case before countries with conflicting interests, how can you show the pros of putting India in the Security Council so that they agree despite not being on board with India’s ambitions. It’s a perfect question for the wannabe IFS Officer!


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