Indian Heritage and Culture

# Different Forms of Traditional Theatre in India:

  • Part 1 – Bhand Pather, Swang, Nautanki, Raasleela, Bhavai, Jatra
  • Part 2 – Maach, Bhoona, Dashavatar, Krishnattam, Yakshagaana, Therukoothu.

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# Dances of India:

  • Classical Dances of India – Manipuri, Mohiniyattam, The Sattriya Dance, Kathakali, Bharatnatyam
  •  Folk Dances Of India – Mamallapuram Dance Festival, Bathukamma – Telangana’s Floral Festival, Dumhal Dance, Hikat Dance, Hurka Baul, Tera Tali dance, Kalbelia, The Koli dance, Haryanvi dance.

 # The High and Mighty Kings of India [Click here]

  • Kanishka
  • Ashoka
  • Kharavela

# Indian Paintings:

 # Indian Literature:

 # Architecture:

 # Music of India

  • Regional Music – Songs of the North-East, Tappa (Punjab), Powada (Maharashtra), Laman (Himachal Pradesh), Alha (Bundelkhand), Barhamasa from Kumaon, Pandavani, Lotia, Pankhida (Rajasthan)

 # Arts & Heritage Institutions

 # Protecting and Conserving our artifacts:

 #Spiritual Tourism:

 # Jallikattu

# Miscellaneous

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Shivani Agrawal
Shivani Agrawal
5 years ago

All the links are showing some error. Could you Pl suggest how to reach these material.

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4 years ago

Please fix the error in the links. Unable to open.


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