Interview transcript – Aditya

Board- Dr Manoj Soni


– You are 23, so tell me about the challenges Youth face today?
– Difference between Older and Younger generation?
– Was 20th Century good, or 21st Century? – What do you do in your leisure time?
– Tell me about the historic importance of Gwalior (my hometown)?


– What are foreign-funded NGOs?
– What are Anti Nuclear Energy NGOs?
– Is Nuclear Energy feasible for India’s energy security?
– What is Nuclear Waste?
– Should we go for renewable energy or Nuclear energy?


– What is the civil engineer’s role in Smart city?
– What are some of the current challenges of Urban development?
– India produces so many engineering graduates, most of them are unemployed. Why?
– What should we do to employ them?
– You are a district collector if some newspaper writes a defamatory article against you? What would you do?


– Should Delhi be given full statehood? Q2- What are simultaneous elections? Is it desirable?
– List some electoral reforms we can undertake?
– Is State funding of elections a desirable reform?


– Why do we call Political Science as Science? What is ‘science’ in it?
– How are India Iran relations going?
– How are India Pak relations?
– Who are non-state actors in Pakistan?
– What is Track 2 diplomacy, and will it work with Pakistan?


– If your junior doesn’t obey you, what would you do?
– Should civil servants be terminated from services, if they don’t perform well despite repeated warnings?

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