Interview transcript – Anuj Sharma

Board : Smita Nagaraj

Background:  Electrical Engineering. Worked in a private firm for 2 years
Home State: Delhi


– What did u learnt from your job? It is not same in the government sector why come here?
– Should we go for nuclear energy? Why protest in Kundankulam?
– Why low sex ratio and areas?


– What did u learn from social documentaries? (DAF)
– Should India increase its navy budget to 30% on account of China’s presence in IOR?
– Should Delhi be made a state?


– What do u think of IPS?
– Is police accessible only to the influential?
– Two reforms in police service? Should they be armed?


– The problem in sports in India. Why only cricket and badminton are doing well? Indicated playing sports as a hobby in DAF
– The politicisation of federations is it right. BCCI issue?
– Your steps as sports secretary. Sports Policy of India?


– How to increase exports to China? Problems in manufacturing sector?
– Steps on Delhi Pollution?


– How caste affects daily interaction in people? How reservation policy and protests against it has changed it?

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