Interview Transcript – Fazil mohammad

Board-  Bhimsen bassi

Background: B-tech metallurgical and material sciences engineer + MBA
Hobbies : football, reading and writing answers on Quora


– If I were to tell you that there is a plant and its parts are made of gold, what would your reaction be?
– Who is your favourite footballer?
– Do you know the signature move of Pele?


– Amongst all the sources of energy other than coal, which all have the most potential in the next ten years?
– Why?
– What is iso4 (dnk)
– How is material sciences used in mining.


– How is material science influencing human life?
– What is the geography of Bahrain? (I grew up there, schooling as well)
– How does India have to behave in the Maldivian crisis?
– Dont remember two more


– What are the problems faced by Indian workers in the gulf region?
– How does the Indian community help them?
– What steps has the government taken to aid these workers?
– Does the srilankan issue still exist?
– What is the opinion of the government of India on it?
– Doesnt the state government have another opinion?


– You are a management graduate, what kind of advice can you give to a company which wants to invest in another country?
– We have improved our ease of doing business, what are some of the parameters on which it is judged?
– Salient features of India-Bahrain ties?
– Present to me a holistic description of the country you grew up in, I don’t have any knowledge about it.


– Is the latte irrelevant today?
– Is this your photo?

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