Interview Transcript – Jitendra

Board- Smita Nagraj

Interview date: 26 February 2018


– what do you think of encounters in UP.
– Should human rights agencies have a role in encounters.
– what should be the way out


– India’s performance in south Africa tour DAF
– Which country PM visited lastly.
– Strategic significance of visit.


– Status of Lok pal bill
– Issues with appointment
– What the govt is doing with Lok pal right now


– Performance of ISRO
– One biggest achievement of ISRO
– Why ISRO is performing well.
– Comparison with DRDO


– If you are made DM of Bundelkhand region what will be your priorities.
– PNB issue
– it biased
– Why media is giving some news and ignoring the others.


– just carrying forward the argument. Should there be govt ownership of media.
– Why is unbiased news.

Thank you very much.

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