Interview Transcript – Kajol Patil

Board- Sujata Mehta mam


– Introduce yourself
– What are you doing since 2016?
– Why graduation in agri. engg.?
– Your favourite subject in agriculture
– Ground water contamination problem in india
– Is it a good option to use ground water as primary source in agriculture?


– Explain role of agri. in india economy
– How would you use tribals knowledge in forest management?
– Scope of wildlife tourism in india
– What are provisions of indian forest mgt.bill, 2017?
– What is forest inventory?


– What are soil colloidal properties?
– What is natural binding capacity?
– As a lady officer,how would you tackle challenges in this service?
– What is crop infestation?
– Difference in agri. practices in China and India


– What do you mean by entrepreneurship?
– Horticulture production In Kolhapur
– Regions of pomegranate production In Maharashtra
– What is the difference between agri. engg and horti. engg?
– What is ex-situ and in- situ conservation?
– Opinion on rehabilitation of tribals from protected areas
– Mangrove cover of Maharashtra
– Threats to mangroves
– What is green army?

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