Interview Transcript – Kunal Aggarwal

Residence – Sonipat, Haryana

Background – Computer Science, IIT Hyderabad, Worked at Goldman Sachs as Software developer, joined IRS IT recently

Hobbies – Cooking

Activities – Represented India in Japan Kiruna Bond project

Board – Bhosle sir, Afternoon, 1st to go


Chairperson – So, lets start with some warm up… about software sector.

C – Have you heard about moore’s law? How does it help? What can India do to promote chip manufacturing in the country?

C – Have your heard about n-coronavirus? How is it impacting India? What was India’s response? Is India ready to handle such epidemics? 



M1 – What is the principal law against terrorism? Explain it?

M1 – Have you heard of NIA? What is it’s role in terrorism? Can it sou moto take up a case? Can Central govt assign a case even if State does not agree?

M1 – Are there rules governing social media? Some discussion on it…



M2 – What do you understand by green shoots in the economy?

M2 – Have you heard of IPI? (production index) What does it say about the current state of economy?

M2 – Have you heard about the Vivad se Vishwas Bill? What is it about? It has certain provision for officers to persuade taxpayers. Explain.



M3 – What is the difference between nation and country?

M3 – India is nation as well as a country. Explain?

M3 – In recent days, there has been a term, nation building. What do you understand by it?

M3 – As an individual, how You and I can contribute to nation building?



M4 – When did you visit Japan? Where did you visit?

M4 – What is one most important thing you like in Japan?

M4 – Did you meet government officials as well?

M4 – Can you compare Tokyo airport to any of two Indian airports?

M4 – Compare the status of sex ratio condition of Sonipat within Haryana?


C – So, you talked about Japanese being hard working and committed. Why do you think that is? Have you heard of the term Baushito?

C – So, you like to cook. When did it start? It is said that food impacts our behaviour. How?

C – Traditionally, food is classified in category and it is said that it determines our temperament. Do you know about it?

C – Gandhi Ji had said something about western civilization. Do you know? Discussion on this topic with 1-2 followups.


M1 – Murthal is in Sonipat. What is it famous for? How is the food there? Is it good? The butter that they use, is it real?


C – Whatever you say, food in Murthal is good for all of us. (Everybody laughed!)


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