Interview Transcript – Kunal Aggarwal

This script would be of great help to everyone having PSIR as optional.
It gives a glimpse of a good probing interview/conversation. All of you are requested to understand the pattern of interview clearly depicted here.

Board – Sujatha Mehta Mam
Background – Sonipat, Haryana

– Education – B.Tech, Comp Sci, IIT Hyderabad
– Job – 3 years as Software Developer at Goldman Sachs
– Hobbies – Cooking, Watching TV Shows


– Can you introduce yourself focussing on your education and job?
– When did you leave your job?
– What did you do in your job?
– Were you developing software for in-house clients or outside?
– What is that you were working on?
– Have you read the article on medical implants?
– tell me about it


– Why does Haryana have high economic growth but low social development?
– I answered but he seemed unconvinced
– How is Bangladesh developing? Why it has better social parameters than India?


– Why are there so many vacancies in engineering colleges?
– Why do people move to other fields?
– Why the majority are not working in technical fields?
– “We can not innovate” – do you agree? what do you think about it?
– B.Tech can not innovate but M.Tech can?


– Means and Ends discussion
– Are means important?
– Isn’t that the case that sometimes consequences are very important?
– Have you heard the word critical thinking? With thinking we attach many prefixes like lateral thinking, innovative thinking. Tell me what is innovative thinking?
– Then, what is lateral thinking?
– What is ignorance?
– What is the difference between ignorance and ignoring?


– How did you get the inspiration to join civil services from a good job?
– What do you look forward to in civil services?
– So, let’s give you a challenge. Suppose there is an encroachment on the middle of a road. You have to demolish it but the elected representative does’t want it to be demolished?
– He has a personal stake, won’t allow. Then?
– He has business there. Then?
– Do you think India’s Pakistan policy is a failure?
– Has the army been able to tackle it?
– Then, what do you think of yesterday’s event (attack on CRPF convoy)? Should we talk to Pakistan?
– What should we do with Pakistan?

M2 – Tell me your one strength. Then, he confirmed are you sure? Then, tell me one weakness as well. Tried to probe on how and why? Chairman passed intervened and asked the next member.

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