Interview transcript – Mangesh

Board: Bassi Sir


– Mangesh, You have done electronics engineering a having political science optional also currently working in Bank. ( And Looked at me)
– I said, “Yes Sir” ( I thought he is checking my confidence).
– Tell me about Venezuela crisis
– Tell me about the Yemen crisis
– Developments in Nepal. Why Nepal important for us?


– The different frequency band in communication? Many subsequent technical questions
1G 2G 3G 4G difference.
– GSM vs CDMA? Why CDMA not popular over GSM. Anything to do with licencing?


– Use of robotics in Army?
– Introduction of robotics vs job losses. Opinion
– Why Afghanistan unstable? What are sectarian divisions? Why not normalcy restored


– Why demand for Marathwada statehood? Reasons.
– Difference between Marathwada movement and Vidarbha movement for statehood .
– Similarity between Marathwada and Telangana demand.
– What are disadvantages of adverse sex ratio ? To men and to women?
– Why development in Bangladesh important for India?
– Role of India diaspora.


– What is exposure of SBI in recent PNB fraud?
– Tell me about PNB fraud ?
– Who should bear loss of it ?
– What was wrong on part of other banks ? Their mistakes
– Difference between LC and LoU.
– What is NPA ? Steps taken for its resolution ?
– What is insolvency and bankruptcy code ? Detailed discussion


– Tell me about Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana? Details of it
– Talk on MSP . Talk more. Any committee on it
– Is this your photo? It’s a lovely photo Mangesh.

Thank you.

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