Interview transcript – Mangesh

Board: Dr P.K. Joshi

Background: IIT BHU (Varanasi), Computer Science.


– How many marks did you get in Maths Class XII?
– Which force has you been allocated?
– Why SSB?
– When we have BSF as a border guarding force, why need SSB?
– Suppose you are posted as a DM in a village school and asked to address students of Class VIII-XII, what would you speak about for promoting Maths which students don’t like?

Maths Question 1

Maths Question 2, 2(a)


– Munger is famous for? (Came as a shocker for me because I am from Saharsa, Bihar)
– Do you do Yoga?
– What is the status of women in Bihar? Do you think women has been empowered in your state?
– What is accountable governance?
– How to ensure government accountability?


– What was the project you worked upon in Samsung? Two follow up questions
– What is the state of R&D in India?
– What is the need of high end R&D when our basic skill needs are unmet?


– Should we go for making strong laws to provide security to women?
– Are laws against Dowry enough? Why are they being misused? What are recent changes in Dowry law?
– Situational Question: Your domestic help comes to you and complains to you about her drunkard husband who comes from work and beats her under the influence of alcohol. What would be your step of action?


– What was the earlier name of BHU?
– Who founded it?
– Who gave the money?
– Who founded AMU and when?
– Don’t you think that the British sowed the seeds of division by helping the setup of a Hindu University and a Muslim university?
– Why is Varanasi named so?
– Why is IIT BHU not doing too good? (Asked in Hindi)
– What is Kashi famous?
– What is 3rd Industrial Revolution, 2nd IR and 1st IR.


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