Interview transcript – Promoth P

Board: Smita ma’am


– What are the problems a civil servant faces while in office?
– What kinds of resource crunch? (Follow up )
– Give an example where officers have worked out these problems?
– Why do national law university students prefer working in corporate sector?
– Have national law universities failed in their mandate?
– Lawyers bill a lot so why not practice law?


– Female models being used in auto expo. Views
– Should we bring in a law to ban such practices
– Define son of the soil doctrine
– Which indian state never had such a doctrine


– Will the us japan help india if China attacks us today
– Should CJI accept posts after retirement
– Transparency and public office holders


– Measures taken by government to curb black money in real estate
– Amendments to benami act
– Why was IT act not amended to achieve the same ends as benami act
– Is retrospective tax good
– What was the nature of the 1024 obsolete laws repealed, name any 3.


– What is medical tourism
– Why is it called tourism
– What is surrogacy
– Should it be allowed
– What is the legal status of single parent family
– Legality of police encounters
– What will you do if you were sp and what will you do to reduce police encounters.

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