Interview Transcript – Rohit Shinde

Board-  Bhimsen bassi Sir


– You have done Bsc. agri and ur hobby is seed collection it’s very interesting ..,
– How many seeds u have collected,? Which seeds?
– How do u store bajra seeds?
– How long can the seeds be viable?
– what are orchids? Where are they found? Are they found in western Ghat? Are they epiphytic? Parasitic?
– What is tissue culture? What are its advantages?


– What is contribution of M. S. Swaminathan in indian agricultur?
– Why farmers suicides are happening? And give solutions?
– How digitalisation can help to overcome security?


– Tell about BT cotton issue. What are ur views on GM crops
– In which country GM food is grown?
– What happened to gm mustard and gm brinjal


– Interlinking of rivers and its technical problems
– How role of farmers can be increased in markets chain?
– How can food adulteration can be controlled?


– What is emotional intelligence? Example of how it can be used in administration.
– How u will motivate yourself and ur team
– Many people do well in the studies but not in life.. Why does it happen??


– Tell me in detail about PM Fasal bima yojana

Thank you Rohit

By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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