Interview transcript – Shubham Soni

Board – Manoj Soni

Background- Punjab, civil engineering, Anthropology
Hobbies- Squash, Bhangra, Rubik’s cube


– Are you comfortable in talking about census? What is census? Who does it? – – When started? How is the exercise done?
– Have u read the latest census?
– What are the key takeaways?
– U r missing imp point about youth.
– Demographic dividend?
– Is situation of skilling up to mark?
– Make in India, Digital India. What will they do if we don’t have skills?
– 3 things that u have learnt from 2015 to 2018 during prep time?
– Were these things not there in u before?


– Women are only proxies. Ur experience of reservation in PRIs? What needs to be done?
– Drug problem in Punjab. Reasons, 2 most important steps that I’ll take after becoming DM of your dist. Since u r from Punjab. Which all regions were partitioned?
– Only Bengal and Punjab? No other region in NE?
– Was Burma partitioned from British India?


– Why so many graduates unemployable?
– What needs to be done?
– D/B civil in IITD, DTU and any other state university?


– why different colours on squash ball?
– Name world class squash players of subcontinent.
– Govt spending so much on IITs thinking that they need engineers. Don’t u think u’ll waste resources of govt by coming in civil services?
– How will u use ur knowledge of engg. in indian postal services?
– U have learnt only analysis in IIT?
– So u think that it is right to come to civil services from IIT?
– Radcliffe line? Macmohan line? Is macmohan line accepted? On what principle was it drawn?
– Where all face-offs bw India and China?
– Should we stop trading with China?
– Any country where people voluntarily not buying products of another country?
– Not heard of Japan and US?
– Why Japan could rebuild it’s infrastructure after WW2?
– Why India is not doing even having huge resources? Compare with Japan? Use ur analytical bent of mind.
– Why Japanese so skilled?


– Are new IITs and IIMs diluting the brand name of old IITs and IIMs?
– Why so less skilled personnel in India?
– What needs to be done?
– Should we impose some restrictions on freedom of speech and expression? 1-2 follow up questions
– Should we ban social media?
– But There is so much misuse of social media. Shouldn’t we ban social media?
– What can be done to reduce the misuse of social media?


– If you are very senior bureaucrat and govt made a policy which u think is not good. That policy is against ur convictions and u think that policy is also against public interest and national interest.
– Will u implement that policy?
-Your interview is over. Thankyou

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