Interview Transcript – Yogesh Choudhary

Board : Bhosale Sir

Background : Graduate in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Delhi


– What were you thinking?(last one to be interviewed)
– Why do we select you?
– Situational question.. Should dm use his popularity to counter politicians illegitimate pressure/threat.


– Why didn’t you take Mechanical as optional?
– why do you want to become IAS.?
– but then why do u went to IIT?
– Three landmark event of Rajasthan history
– Explain accountability..


– You must have heard the name of Arthshashtra. But what do you know about Neetishashtra, it’s writer??
– ‎Anthodia meaning and schemes
– Brand Equity ??


– Explain that history repeats itself and some counterquestions
– Problem related to urbanisation in Delhi


– How often do you jog? What do you do when you are free other than study or jog?

–  (I have answered that I listen to Rajasthani songs) Ghoomar song of Padmavati, what were the objections and your view

By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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