[Interview Transcripts 2018] Ashis Sahu

Arvind Saxena Board

Date: 06/03/2018
Session: Afternoon session

2nd last to go

Education: B.Tech (Mech) + 4 Years work experience
Hobbies: Jogging, Meditation, and Teaching
State: Odisha

Interview Transcript

1. Justin Trudeau episode.PM of a state. ..With wife and kids. … was it correct on Indian part for the kind of treatment?

2. ‎Section of Indian diaspora called ‘Republican Hindu coalition’ in the USA supported Trump during the election. Do you think it was right on their part to use the word Hindu there?… (direct hit from the boundary)

3. How is the diaspora community helping India?

Member 1 (Lady)
1. Olive Ridley turtles. ….mass nesting timing around the year? Why are numbers decreasing? What steps has the government taken?
2. ‎you have been in so many places around the country, what difference have you found among the people and their culture?
3. ‎Do you think regionalism is good?
4. ‎what should be done to promote unity in diversity?

Member 2
1. What is stealth aircraft? (Physics+ Aero modeling club during college)
2. ‎Govt banned the 500 and 1000 Do he high denomination note o
3. ‎which other countries had tried demonetization and what were the effects?
4. ‎Any other instance when the circulation of money decreases in the market?

Member 3
1. You were part of BAJA SAE (college activity). What did you learn?
2. ‎Such competitions must be encouraging entrepreneurship, Should the government be promoting it?
3. ‎what do you like about jogging?…..have you run any marathon…..what speed do you jog?

Member 4
1. Changing the name of places. Is it right? Why is it done? Do you support it?
2. ‎How to develop Odisha?

This is all I can recall.

The board was very cordial and allowed me to present my views. Saxena sir was as poker face as it could be. Couldn’t make anything from his face. Only time will tell…

Wishing all of you the best of luck

By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily