Kamyaa (AIR 172) & Kunal (AIR 211): Strategies with Highest ROI | Student driven Q&A Session

Dear students,

This is a must watch! A student-driven Q&A session.

Presenting the most interesting and enriching discussion – Civilsdaily invited two toppers who represent the extremes of the CSE-prep spectrum.

Kunal gives the most practical tips. Debunks myths around the number of questions to attempt, whether to go for high-valued questions. His outlook on life remains admirable.

While Kamyaa (AIR 172) exemplifies the ‘happy-go-lucky attitude’ who cracked the exam with little planning; Kunal (AIR 211) personifies the ‘meticulous planner with never-say-die philosophy’.

It is difficult to find a video that combines such diverse wisdom so methodically.

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